My New Way of Life: Embracing Islam

Up until early 2017, I had the feeling like something was not right with my life.  I didn’t feel at peace as a whole. And when I say peace, it’s not in the sense that everything should’ve been perfect and going on without any issues.  I’ve learned that there’s no such thing.

God had blessed me with a wonderful life filled with what others who, when looking and considering only what they may have seen on the outside, would believe that I was doing just fine if not better.  But again, something in me was just…off.

I was having these emotional battles within myself that I couldn’t get a grasp of and deal with.  For instance, I had a horrible habit of dwelling on past mistakes, feeling negative about myself and feeling inferior to others, as though something was wrong with me and how I was made.  I let the issues that I had within myself hold me back from having what I now know and understand is as peace.

The climax of my life reared its ugly head.  I’d reached a point in my life through a series of painful events that led me to Islam (Alhamdulillah – all praise and thanks to God!), which in turn has allowed me to have a much better relationship with God, what I’d been missing my entire life, even if I hadn’t realized  it. And I didn’t!

That thing that was off, that was missing was a relationship with God!  

Superficially, God was in my life in the sense that I knew He was the One who created this world and everything in it.  But that was about it. And yes, I am aware that my idea of God at that time may have been a great deal more than what others have about The Man Upstairs (how I affectionately refer to God from time to time).  Even with that idea of Him though, I knew there had to be more.

Islam has helped me see and realize that there is!  Becoming a Muslim has been The Best decision of my life! What I had to learn from my early exposure to this religion is that it’s not just a “religion”.  It’s a way of life, and far from what the media at times depicts it as.

By it’s very definition, Muslim means to completely submit oneself to God.  Unlike when I was Christian where, for me, worshipping God was going to church on some Sundays (also known as part-time worshipping), your life as a Muslim is all about worshipping God and God only – in every aspect of your life – all day every day regardless of where you are.  What does that mean for me? Glad you asked.

When I first wake up, I thank God with words of worship.  I worship Him with 5 prayers, I worship God with words of gratitude before and after eating.  Words for God leave my mouth upon leaving and returning home. I worship God before making a major decision; in my dealings with people – being kind, gracious, respectful, merciful, offering a smile, and doing whatever good deeds I can.  And lastly, but definitely not least, I worship God by reading my Quran. Do I do all of this every single day? No, but I strive to do so, and I’m doing more and more of these acts of worship every day especially after I read and learn more about how God wants us to live our lives – in peace and completely submitting ourselves to Him and only Him.   

Through changing my religion, which has greatly increased and improved my relationship with God, my confidence and my perspective as I navigate this thing call life, that something I was missing is now my reality – a relationship with God and peace.  And it’s a wonderful feeling to have and experience.

And to you, I offer, as I end each of my prayers, As-salamu alaykum – Peace be upon you.

What’s prompted your new way of life?


9 Replies to “My New Way of Life: Embracing Islam”

  1. Great article. I have been a Christian all my life ( well part This really resonated with me. I have had a similar experience with Christianity. In that time, when GOD was the center of my life I was more at peace, confident, disciplined, and even felt smarter. I know that many times I would tell myself that would all of sinful habits that I enjoyed if I submitted myself to GOD. In hindsight, it was the happiest I have ever been in my life. Not sure that I want to convert but I have talked with many Muslims and love the idea of praying 5 times a day. I think it would have a profound effect on my life.
    I look forward to reading about your journey.


  2. Interesting, I’ve always been a Chrisitian all my life and I still am however, my relationship with God has greatly increased as I have taken time to meditate on his words and pray and not just go to church because it’s tradition but to view church as a weekly gathering and fellowship as a unit with other believrs and for every other waking moment of my life my thoughts and lifestyle is in worship to God or as you would call him Allah. I am so sad that many Chrisitans are what I would call ‘superfiscial’/ part-time …. I pray that you may grow in your faith and that God can lead you to the level of maturity, love and campassion that He wants to take you… I pray that the Holy Spirit of God may be with you now and forever and may his angels guard and protect you and your family in whichever direction you choose to take in life


  3. I wouldn’t say superficial in the sense that they are imitating, because truthfully they really do love God and they sincerely want to care for the things He cares about. However, a lot of people despite really loving God they don’t know him or have a mature relationship with him, and I think many faiths that practice ‘religion’ and not ‘relationships’ are mostly about traditions and customs. That is why I love King David in the Old Testament who went beyond tradtions and customs and really went out to seek a intimate relationship with God and know God’s heart for his people. That is why he wrote some of the most beautiful lyrics because he knew God’s heart and pursued it.

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    1. Great insight. The relationship is key! The 5 obligatory prayers that are required daily of Muslims strengthens that relationship with God. Each of those 5 times we recite the first chapter of the Quran numerous times (depending on the time of day):

      In the name Allah, the most beneficiant, the most merciful, Lord of the day of judgement.

      You alone do we worship, you alone do we ask for help.

      Lead us along the straight path, the path of those who You’ve bestowed your favors and not of those who’ve incurred your wrath or of those who have gone astray. Ameen.

      We are reminded of who He is along with asking for His guidance. Being mindful of Him in such way helps to limit the not so good choices (sins and mistreatment of others) one may do and greatly INCREASES those ACTIONS that God says we should do.


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