Do you struggle with this thing called life? Trust me, you are not the only one.

Jonquil’s Convert Journey hasn’t been an easy one, but the fact that she’s still here must mean she’s doing something right. Well, she likes to tell herself that this is the case.

Life has beat her up a bit, but the lessons learned have come from battles that she now realizes others are trying to fight as well.

God willing, maybe her view of the world and insights will help your days be a bit better and get you through this thing called life.


Why I Decided to Wear My Hijab

No one has come out and just asked me why I’m wearing a scarf on my head …wait – now that I think about it, shortly after I converted, I visited my momma several times while wearing my hijab and she did ask, “What, you’re Muslim now?!”


New to the blogging scene, Jonquil is an educator at heart who’s on a journey to better understand her purpose in life.

She’s a recent convert from Christianity to Islam, Alhamdulillah (all praise and thanks to God!), and her perspective on whose she is and why she’s here pushes her to strive to be and do better each day that God allows her to wake up.

Her goal is to encourage whoever she can to strive diligently to live out their purpose.

Jonquil is a mom of four, a wife, educator, volunteer, and most importantly – a servant of God.


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