How I Helped Someone Embrace Islam

It was a Friday afternoon.  I’d just left Jummah prayer (congregational prayer that takes place on Fridays), and my tummy was telling me it was time for lunch.  I’d gone over to one of my new faves, Mod Pizza, placed my order, filled my cup up with a mix of lemonade and tea, and sipped away. Soon after, my name was called to pick up my all veggie pizza (yes, I said all veggie, and it was oh so good 😜).  

With my cute little brown box in hand, I headed out the door toward my car.  But then my phone alerted me to a text message:

“[As-salamu alaykum]! I would like to do the Shahada, is that something you could assist me with or guide me in the right direction?”

It was Natasha, someone I’d met for the first time just a couple of weeks before.  But we’d only spoken to each other for a few moments. So, when I’d read her text, the biggest smile came across my face…and then the freaking out began! But, I got myself together…eventually.

For those of you who aren’t quite sure what the Shahada is – it’s the testimony of faith or a particular statement a person says amongst a Muslim witness.  Once it’s said and then explained to the person, he or she is then Muslim.  

I wanted to do all I could in making sure that Natasha’s monumental decision in choosing this new way of life was celebrated in such a way that she would remember it for the rest of her life.  Just a short time before her, I’d made the same decision. You can read My New Way of Life: Converting from Christianity to Islam to learn more about why I’d made the same choice. 

I got in contact with a few different people who could help me make this happen for Natasha.  It took until the next day, but we got a plan in place to help her come into the fold of Islam.  

She was able to attend a TAIBA event, a non-profit organization that I volunteer with whose mission is to empower Muslim women by coaching, building, and connecting, and there were about 30 women present – no better place than this one!  

Mashallah (God willed), she was able to say her Shahada and accept Islam with a group of sisters who were so excited for her! She was bombarded with hugs, smiles, congratulations, and tears of happiness. The embracing she received from women she hardly even knew was so overwhelming that it brought her to tears as well.  They too know that this new way of life Natasha had chosen is one that will bring her a sense of peace like nothing else will.

The feeling I’ve had since Natasha contacted me has been one of wow-ness, if that’s a word.  I even questioned why God would allow me to experience something so amazing?! For a Muslim to help someone into the fold of Islam, that’s some good stuff.

‘If Allah guides one man [or woman] through you, this will be better for you than possessing red camels.”

*(Saheeh Al-Bukhaaree: 2847; Saheeh Muslim: 2406) Camels were considered the most valuable property in ancient Arabia and the red variety was the most prized of all.

God allowed me and Natasha’s path to cross for a reason – me to lend a hand in her becoming Muslim, Alhamdulillah!  And I now have new friend and sister in Islam!

What’s some “good stuff” God allowed you to experience, and you also asked “Why me?”

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